Saturday, February 13, 2010

the reveal

it's been days since en faisal's birthday, and i think its fair enough that i reveal his birthday plans. friends have urged me for the photos and the ideas. they prolly love the idea of surprising boyfies. oh, i love surprises too!

ok, here goes.

sunday (2 days till birthday)
i wanted to get something he wants. so i frankly asked, and he wanted sports shoes. we went to a few sports stores and ended going out in vain. he didnt like the design, or they were out of stock. but back in my mind, i was actively planning for his birthday, but i was a little upset he didnt get what he wanted.

i sent him home early coz i had a crafty idea for his birthday, but i told him i got a test to study to. since he didnt get the shoes. i tot of making 'coupons' so he could redeem them later. :) then i made him a birthday card, a simple one but straight from the heart. eceyh. haha.

and then while browsing the net, i found this website where she made a cute note for her bf. (i cant remember the url add! sorry!) i loved the idea and used it, but made it more personally from me. i put on cute, romantic lyrics which resembles my love for him. it took me only 4 hours to finish them. roomies were so eager to see the end result. heee. i slept at around 2am and i have class at 8.

monday (1 day to birthday)
Alhamdulillah, lab session ended early today, went bfast at parit daun, fetched the girls and went birthday shopping to bpmall. and it was my first time driving to batu pahat without en faisal besides me. i wanted to get him a back pack but then i remembered him telling me, his wallet got holes in it. haha. so then a wallet it is! we went down to every brand possible and told the salesperson to take out anything that looks man enough. haha. because most of the wallets are so gay! then, down at polo haus, i spotted the ONE. before i could ask the salesgirl to pull it out from the display, the girls loved the same wallet. sangat macho! the texture, the smell. ok, tanpa membuang masa, BELI! *the grand surprise. checked.*

no. no. he is SO not going to get the wallet first, we have to pull his mood down before he gets excited. so i bought chips and chocs as his 'mock' presents. so that he will have the expression of "ni je?". but i know my bf will get excited at anything i did, so i bought a paper bag, and threw all the goodies inside. nak menunjukkan sangat malas dan tak ada masa nak membalut. haha.

by noon, we were all so excited for his birthday, that we each got our own party hats, party-blower-thingies, and confetti! (sangat love :) plus it works like a cannon. wehoehoeioh macam nak beli lagi main sorang-sorang)

rushed and drove like mad, a few hours till next class and we still havent bought the cake! we went back, got the cake at parit raja (i cant remember how to drive to secret recipe) and bought the cake, put it inside the fridge, and went to class.

ya rabbi, i forgot the print out pictures for the cute note and his wallet. class ended at 6, went to parit raja, print, eat, went back, solat, and to class again. (no time to shower). i was having a major headache at class, prolly because of the heat.

11pm, back from class, fetched the girls, drove back to get the cake and the present, texted his housemates, to make sure he's home by 12 midnight. and they helped me by distracting him from wondering where i've been to the whole day (i didnt have lunch and dinner with him).

tuesday (birthday!)
at twelve i texted birthday wish to him. by this time he prolly thought: that's it. heheh.

his housemate texted me, line baik. i drove to his house, we parked a few meters from his house. got ready. his housemate went out to get the grand suprise and hid it. we put on our party hats, party gadgets, and lid the candles. i texted him: keluar kejap. he went out and saw our hats and candles, i put on his party hat and we sang him the birthday song, and he blew out the candles.
and the confetti! (i should have aimed higher. haha) it was rather a touching moment, because this was his first ever birthday cake. and it was me who brought it. im honoured.

the expression i get was priceless.

he invited us inside his house, and his housemate wanted to sing to him again, so we lid the candles again, and he blew them off. again. haha. i gave him the birthday card and the goodie bag, instead of keeping them to himself, he shared a whole bunch with us. took a few pictures, wished him again and went back, because me and the girls got class at 8am.

he woke up at 11am and called me. he found the grand surprise on his desk. along with the cute note. i told his housemate to put them beside him while he was sleeping so that when he woke up, he would see them first, but his housemate was worried he would sleep on the surprise, he put them on his study desk, which will be the first spot he went when he wakes up. he was speechless on the phone, i could only hear sobbings. haha.

ok, that's it. i know i could've done better but time limits me. if only i dont have tests. hehe. so girls, good luck trying and i hope this have been very helpful. thanks for asking. :)

happy birthday sayang! XOXO

p/s: boyfie said the day i found the courage to drive back n forth without him, is already the best present. :)

here's a picture of us and our matching party hats :)

p/p/s: more pics and video in facebook. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanx For The Memories

Thanx for the birthday suprise. Thanx to Pija, Faz, Bella and especially to Miss Ika. I have no other word to say. Sangat terharu. Thanx =)