Monday, November 30, 2009

Hari ini

Seharian aku format pc hari ini. Sampai 3 kali. Caghe x?Haha. Macam siot je, tapi Alhamdulillah Kerana semuanya kembali kepada normal. Sampaikan aku tak makan siang hari ni. Boleh turun sekilo ni (jaga2 orang di sana, orang di sini akan cuba memenangi taruhan itu. Hehe).

Malam ini aku berhajat nak install lagi apa yang patut. Yang paling penting, game aku tak akan lupa install malam ni. Baru ar hati makin tenang.

Sekian sahaja update hari ini (macam aku update tiap2 hari je blog ni. Kahkah). Ana mahu pergi solat dulu. SALAM KEPADA SEMUA

Saturday, November 28, 2009

new moon review.

it's been um, 2 days since i watched it. and i almost forgot about the storyline. give me a moment...

ok here goes. the cgi was awesome, the wolves are hot. less edward. bella's cheeks got chubbier. she looks hotter. lemme make it easier for you who havent read the books. like me. (have u seen how thick they are?) in twilight, the drama is only focusing on guy chase after the girl, normal thing. but the obstacles were not. the guy is a cold-blooded, the girl the pale face. kalau cerita hindustan, cinta lain darjat la.

new moon on the other hand, cinta tiga segi. boleh dikaitkan dengan kuch kuch hota hai. but even better, this one guy can smack and run fast and heal fast and can be in your bedroom fast. the other guy can transform into a wolf have six pack, cool tattoo, can fix anything and younger and hotter. can they be anymore perfect? despite the vampire and wolf thing. (im smiling to my screen)

im not really a fan of this saga, but i'd give two thumbs up for new moon. its packed with romance, action, cgi, fantasy and whatever that relates to movies. but my advice is DO NOT bring your baby sisters along. if they are watching it with their friends, then its ok. it got a lot kissing scene, im even uncomfortable myself. i should be covering their eyes but then people will throw me out because i'd be blocking their views or too noisy or something...

anyway, the worse part is as i landed on my seat, i found out the guy beside me was anything but a guy. bapok. he cant stop rambling on about the saga and edward the whole time. even on the 10 minutes before show he kept on rambling how good the book was, how its going to end, "dekat US ko tau, kutipan box office dah 47 juta". these are the exact words. skema kan? i dont have problems with bapok, or lelaki lembut. but this one got on my nerve. like the part where the council decided to make bella a vampire that instant, and edward and alice had to fight for her. i (who did not read the book), was on rush and keep repeating "no!no!" in my head, AND HE had to spoil it at that very moment by telling off her girl friends "takpe2 bella tak jadi vampire breaking DOG karang baru jd vampire".

plus, he was making this weird sound, like urm, the sound that girls always make when we see something cute or sweet? yeah, that sound. through out EVERY kissing scene. but even weirder, especially when it came out from a guy. not-totally a guy though. imagine that people. i was stuck there, i cant even move, i dont know why, i feel like if a make a move, its an offense to him, i tried to chill so that he can do whatever he wanted or whatever sounds without me noticing him.

so, controlling my mood and my actions, left a masive headache as the movie ended. all to please this guy. saya tahu anda sangat excited, saya bagi can la. but sorry, i gave you the i'm-annoyed-now look when you scream WOWWW! as jacob took off his shirt.

is it a good review? no. jacob's hot. haha. but dont talk about new moon too much to your bf like you guys did with twilight. its disturbing them, like you expect them to be like one of the guys on screen. they are just actors girls, they act. its just a movie. just enjoy it. one day, u'll forget about it like titanic, harry potter, etc. (guys, pay me up. i just did u guys a big favor. hehe)

spoiler: edward proposed to bella.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy 19-monthsary

Salam. Di sini, saya ingin mengucapkan 

Selamat Ulang Bulan ke-19 untuk Miss Atikah

Semoga hubungan ini berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat. Saya doakan agar miss Atikah menjadi insan yang kuat serta tabah dalam menghadapi liku-liku hidup yang semakin mencabar ini. Sekian kata-kata dari insan yang kerdil lagi hina ini. Amin...

p/s: saya sayang awak. sayang sangat-sangat

Monday, November 23, 2009

Experimental photo

Sejak dari malam tadi, aku mula minat pasal benda ni. Namanya tilt shift technique. Di bawah ini adalah hasil gambar2 merapu yang telah dihasilkan. Kalau buruk minta maaf ye. Heheh

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Post tanpa nama

Salam. Cuti semester nampaknya sudah bermula. Aku buntu taktau nak buat ape sekarang ni. Dah 2 hari rutin aku diulangi dengan bende yang sama.

Bangun pagi-lepas tu tengok kawasan luar rumah jap-on pc-facebook-main game-lepas zuhur baru mandi-solat-buka firefox semula-main game-sebelum asar baru lunch-solat-buka firefox lagi-kalau bosan tengok tv-kalo bosan lagi bukak firefox balik-main game-dh manghrib?solat dulu-mengadap pc lagi-makan malam dengan biskut tiger pemberian IKA je(hehe)-solat isyak-mengadap pc lagi-main futsal kalau ade orang ajak-kalau mengantuk tidur.

Owh, agak bosan rasenye dengan hidup camni. Dah la tak sempat jumpa dengan IKA sebelum dia balik JB hari tu. Takpe la, tiada rezeki nampaknye. Kalau panjang umur, kat mana-mana kita boleh jumpa =)

Hari ini aku nak meneruskan rutin yang aku buat semalam. Nak rasa bosan lagi sekali, mana la tau best plak hari ni ke. Sape tau. . .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Luck

GOOD LUCK to you on your final paper...

I am wishing you ALL THE BEST for tomorrow..


Thursday, November 12, 2009


take me to the club, i need to dance.

2 papers down.

i've been having this massive headache this few days. i rarely talk to people. when i talk i get nauseous. i've been dealing with dramas my whole life. i dont need another one from myself. but this is for real. i couldnt hold it any longer. i couldnt scream, i couldnt run, i couldnt escape. i felt like my uni was shrinking on me. it was so clutterred, so full, so suffocating.

he wanted to get me talking. but i dont know where to start. im starting to lose interest in things, what im wearing, and i dont even know how to decide. im being dramatic, and i hated it. but i cant helped it. hence, im became silence.

im mad. for things not going how i expect it to be. for things being out of my control. i am even mad of what she had done. i know you are reading this, stalker. because my baby sister got mine linked to hers. get your own life bitch. stop invading my life and using my stuff. we dont know each other, you were not properly introduced to me. so why would i treat you nicely? im no hypocrite, and im not going to treat u any different just because you know my family. there's a fine line on whats wrong and whats not. and i guess you are too immature to understand them.

said you were forced, you had no other choice. you have your mouth to say no right? or you are just plain stupid? then how u got into uni? buy your way in? bloody. i dont believe anything that came out from your mouth. not even that sweet smile. pity, u got the face, but not the brain. you are too damn shallow. you dont see things in bigger perspective. and im grateful for that, i least i know where i am, on top of you.

last warning bitch. i got your number. and you know the world is on my side.

p/s: huh, i got this fantasy where i wrote your number everywhere i go, "call this bitch, surely to be entertained. 012-XXXXXXXX". pergi sujud syukur i didnt do that.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brochure chantek!

Inilah adalah gambar brochure yang dipuji melambung-lambung hari itu kakbai. Hehe. Kalau nak buat tempahan brochure, sila hubungi Miss Ika k. Huhu

penuh informasi!

*credit to my sayang. Thank you very very much =)


  1. i love the smell of fresh laundry.
  2. i love white daisies. i think they look fresh and fun.
  3. i love car rides or bus rides. especially with the windows down.
  4. i like having b'fast with my pjamas still on.
  5. i like to be appreciated. (so i was told)
  6. i like early mornings.
  7. i love the wake up call from him. he sounds macho-er in mornings.
  8. i love nasi goreng nenek.
  9. i love atok. he's my boyfriend.
  10. i love ayah more. (thank u ayah!)
  11. i so love my new LOVE.
  12. i like to wear huge tees. bought them mostly from men's. chic'c tees got no brain, and 'cheap'.
  13. i like jumping on beds.
  14. i love the way he laughs.
  15. i love beaches.
  16. i like terengganu. since, forever.
  17. i, somehow a bit excited to move to selangor.
  18. i love my close cousins.
  19. i love friends gathering.
  20. i love the smell of new stuff.
  21. i love all things weird, and eye-catching.
  22. im fond of bright colors.
  23. i love talking to ibu.
  24. i love looking at old photos.
  25. i love surprises.
  26. i think mika's songs get your spirit high.
  27. i love john mayer.
  28. i love fries dip in sundae.
  29. i love nasi ayam bercili.
  30. i love lunches and dinners with him.
  31. i love goodnight calls from him.
  32. i love staring at the sun with eyes half-closed. its intoxicating.
  33. i love linens.
  34. i love gazing at stars. and trying to count them.
  35. i like to be treated as an adult.
  36. i love the inner kid in me.
  37. i like to be underestimated. it keeps me going.
  38. i love the smell of shampoo and shower foam.
  39. i like the smell of little sweet perfume. too much is suffocating.
  40. i love the smell of fruits, its energetic.
  41. i like people to start the conversation first, im not good with mixing around.
  42. i like talking to myself.
  43. i love sitting in between the shelves of architecture books. for hours.
  44. i love libraries. with less people in it.
  45. i love open, wide roads.
  46. i love road trips.
  47. i love my sisters. they are all i got left.
  48. i love tea more than coffee.
  49. i love rushing.
  50. i love...

to be continued..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

can you meet me halfway?

i went on helping lia on her final project, when i have tons of work to do. but i dont mind, i had fun in the robo lab! yay! plus, bukan senang nak tengok lia cakap luar. hehe.

the electric's robo lab is soooo colourful and very chilly! no wonder the electric's students are stress-free. im loving all the colours. heeeee

i tot the last one look a lot like a public phone. a giant one.

p/s: new love is here.