Thursday, July 11, 2013

moodswings part 2

it is exactly 44days until our nikah day. I'm having mix feelings.

1, headache from the debts i need to pay. *calculating how many OT i can do to support the wedding*.
2, relieved. finally kebenaran luar nikah from JAIJ passed! tho ayah had to angkat sumpah syarie, (more on that later) it went well. Ayah said he's going to JAWI today. To settle it all.
3, sad, I'm not getting married in my hometown, JB but in KL, just because my mom said it's convenient for everybody (yup, bride's feeling not that important)
4, very sad, since the wedding will be in KL, few of my friends can't make it.
5, scared I might be disappointed, since the wedding is two weeks after raya, people might have splurge their money on raya prep, I'm a bit scared and sad few might come up and say they might not be able to make it, no money already...

I know right. no happy feelings at all. but too late to complaint now.
I just hope i'll get my reward after the wedding. prolly  a new laptop (hint). hehe.

see ya later, aligator!


john mayer work wonders in that time of the month.