Wednesday, September 24, 2014

delivering baby fattah pt 1

as promised, here are the details of how it went down.

Dah lama nak cerita penglaman bersalin kan fattah. So here goes.

I was at week 38, it was 13th june 2014 on a Friday morning. We had an appointment with Dr. Noorfidak before the baby comes. Nothing out of ordinary that day, same thing. I feel heavy and fat. Oh and yesterday I don’t know, but I just have the urge to clean up our closet and iron few clothes. We reach pusrawi at 9.00am. it was my husband’s first pusrawi check-up with me. While we waited for our turn to see the doctor, I was invited to attend a talk on breastfeeding with the senior nurse. Did I mentioned that at week 38, I still havent got my go-to-hospital bag ready! Only the baby’s bag is in the trunk. Haha

Anyways, midway through the breastfeeding talk, I was called to Dr. Noorfidak. She scanned and by this time the baby weighs around 3.2kg, chubby and hairy baby. As I recalled Dr. noorfidak told us. Dia pun macam tekan2 kat rahim untuk rase baby position. Ok, dah locked down. Last month punya check up pun dia cakap mcm tu. Okayy. Cuak jugak. Then we discussed how to prepare for the day itself. Me, hubby and Dr Noorfidak. She explained, in two weeks (by week 40) kalau tak bersalin lagi dia nak admit kan la. Monitor baby and all. If takde tanda lagi then go back home datang week 41 and nak induce. Siap plan out guna calendar doctor bila nak datang for CTG, husband siap minta sabtu la, senang tak payah ambil cuti. (bini nak bersalin kot!)

Okay dah lepas jumpa Dr, buat payment bincang2 dengan husband nak buat final 4D. Boleh simpan buat kenangan gambar baby dalam perut. Dia kata ok, ade klinik dekat ampang boleh buat. Lepas tu kitorang pegi breakfast. at 12 noon. Just because tak sempat breakfast pagi tadi. Haha. Melantak siap simpan sikit kuih dalam handbag kot lapar lagi nanti. Then, we waited for Aisyah to pick us up. Konon nya dah alang2 kat KL, boleh la lepak kat KLCC while the husband pergi sembahyang Jumaat. Us girls pusing satu KLCC, mostly to baby shops, just to get the feeling. Tak membeli pun, cuci mata je. I fell in love with baby Ralph Lauren. Kedai je pun dah lavish. After the hubbies back from friday prayer, we had lunch in Nando's. and I didn't finish my meal. which is weird, i always finish all my meals. Perut dah penuh, baby dah besar, was my excuse. Husband packed it up for me so i can eat it at home. Then, aisyah and azzim treat us bijoux cupcakes. the cupcakes are so pretty i cant wait to it at home. in the living room. with both my feet up. haha.

okaaayyy, i have this issue with going to public toilets, especially when i'm pregnant, i refuse to seat on the toilet where everyone has put their butt on. so i hold my pee until we get to shah alam. (you have no idea, how much can a pregnant lady pee--a lot). then at 4pm, the couple send us back to Pusrawi so we all can go home. And they can pick up sumayyah from nursery. I had to go to the toilet as we reach Pusrawi, as i can't hold it anymore, plus i already felt like something has came out. I did my business and oh mak kau, i saw some dark brown mucus on my panty. Thanks to my readings, I knew my time has come. I was just now sure how fast. Dalam hati, not now, tak sempat 'servis' lagi bawah tu. hmm. 

Bagi tahu husband, dia suruh check dengan nurse Dr Fidak, since kita memang kat hospital pun. Nurse cakap dah tanda la tu, nak admit ke? Hospital swasta mengalukan anda admit awal, banyak belanja. hehe. But my husband insist on her to call my doctor. Dr. Fidak cakap lambat lagi maybe tomorrow or lusa baru deliver. Lambat lagi?? rasa macam cepat je esok or lusa tu, Dr suruh balik rumah relax and and jalan-jalan lagi. So baby cepat beranak. Kita pun lega, balik rumah dulu sambil makan kuih dalam kereta. nyum nyum.

to be continued...

missing confinement posts

haishhh.. i have posted two posts during my confinement month through an app in my phone.
But then kapoot!! no posts at all since 4th june! penat aku menaip. gigih tu nak menyimpan memory.
it's hard to find extra time to blog with baby on board now.

but issokay, things happened. i'll just start back from zero.

p/s: we really need to change this blog's name. too cheesy and so not matching with my new job-- a mom.