Sunday, July 25, 2010

why i will miss and not miss bus rides to classes

  1. i dont need to wake up really early so that i can get the earliest bus which is usually less packed.
  2. i dont have to wait 20 minutes for the bus to fill up with people, only then the bus will move.
  3. i dont have to spend 20 minutes chit chatting with pakcik bas and listen to his family tree while waiting for the bus to fill up.
  4. i dont have to worry to bring thick books to classes and drop them in front of everyone in bus.
  5. i dont have to worry about what to wear if i missed the bus later and have to walk back to hostel. baju kurung is so unappropriate. langkah tak boleh besar- besar.
  6. i will no longer have to set my playlist every week. it took 3 to 4 songs in bus to reach class. dengan kereta, satu lagu pun tak sempat habis.
  7. i will no longer meet my classmates on bus and get fashion 411 on what im wearing.
  8. thank god i dont have to curse the people yang dah la lambat, jalan pakai heels, kebaya belah, pakcik bas tunggu sampai diorang naik, berjalan nak naik bas pun slow motion, and its 5 minutes till class starts.
  9. bus smelled like cologne/perfume shop everyday. it was suffocating. no wonder guys dont take bus rides anymore.
  10. i dont have to wait like-- forever at the bus stop, just because pakcik bas thinks its too hot to pick up students from class.
  11. i dont have to walk for 15 minutes in disappoinment. and whine to ayah. and get the feeling of bombing each bus i see.
  12. i will no longer see myself in kebaya. no flat tummy, kaki besaq macam kayu balak.
  13. i will no longer get the chance to sit next to juniors. boys. (seniors dont take bus rides anymore)
  14. i will no longer be mistaken as a freshie. hmm
  15. i dont have to stand when every seat is taken. and i dont have to show everyone my ability to balance myself under great inertia.
  16. i have to eat a lot, since i was doing a lot of walking, a lot of money was spent.
  17. i will no longer get tan! yay!
  18. i will no longer get to wonder out through bus's windows. which i love to do. it gives you time to think.
  19. i will no longer get the once-over look, the head to toe look. its freaky. and scary.
  20. i will no longer feeling bad about sleeping too much because driving is less tiring than walking.
  21. i dont have to stuck eating campus food, i get to eat outside.
  22. i dont have to wait till weekend to get top up.
  23. i dont have to walk 15 minutes just to reach ATM machines. and another 15 minutes back to hostel to get food.
  24. i dont have to say 'campus life sucks' everyday. now on special occasions only.
  25. my shoes wont have dirts on them.
  26. i will not be sweating by the time i reach class.
  27. i can go to the library anytime i want now.
  28. i can eat nasi paprik every time i want to.
  29. i have to worry about fuel, money, and car's condition everytime.
that's all i can think of right now. i definitely miss bus rides. hmmphh :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

an intelligent movie.

well.. it sounded intelligent. so i might as well watch it, so i can feel all intelligent too. haha. i love ellen page in 'smart people'. i love it that she talks in metaphors, and get you dizzy and feeling stupid. bet she's doing it again in 'inception'. haha. gosh, i have to get this to do list done before any fun plans.

p/s: selamat pengantin baru sajidah and eizaz! the intelligent couple! just last sunday me and the girls were reminiscing the good old days, i remembered; eizaz! ko gelakkan aku pakai basikal roda 4 masa semua orang dah pandai kayuh roda 2! you were mean! oh well, he prolly forgot all about it~

Saturday, July 17, 2010

30 fakta tentang aku.

  1. Aku seorang yang malas.
  2. Aku suka melengah-lengahkan pekerjaan.
  3. Aku suka senyum semasa bersendirian semenjak kenal dengan Miss Ika.
  4. Tiada orang yang pernah kata aku hensem selain dari Miss Ika . Haha.
  5. Aku suka berambut panjang tapi dalam masa yang masa aku rimas.
  6. Sekarang ini aku bangun pagi dan tidur awal, lalu membuatkan Miss Ika cakap aku ni orang tua.
  7. Aku suka dengar lagu Butterfingers.
  8. Aku ada seorang awek yang funny, dia selalu membuat aku ketawa.
  9. Aku bersekolah di asrama sejak dari Tingkatan 1, jadi tiada istilah homesick bagi aku sekarang ini.
  10. Maksud nama aku ialah penyelesaian, namun aku sukar menyelesaikan sesuatu masalah.
  11. Aku suka lihat pokok yang warnanya kehijauan untuk mencari mood sebelum study.
  12. Dulu aku suka menumbuk benda-benda yang berada di sekeliling jika aku bengang.
  13. Kaki aku bersaiz 9 atau 10 dan kadang-kadang sukar untuk mencari kasut yang bersaiz ini.
  14. Semasa Tingkatan 1 dan 2, aku terikut dengan budaya hip hop. Aku selalu memakai seluar baggy jika keluar ke bandar.
  15. Aku selalu mengumpul majalah Ujang, Revolution semasa berada di Tingkatan 1 hingga 3.
  16. Aku pernah bermain skate. Sekarang skateboard itu dijadikan sebagai alas pasu bunga.
  17. Aku pernah didenda berdiri selama 2 jam kerana tidak tahu berapa nilai 1 inci dalam unit centimeter(cm).
  18. Aku seorang yang pemalu dengan perempuan dari sekolah rendah hinggalah ke Tingkatan 5.
  19. Aku pernah lari dari tadika dan singgah di rumah orang yang tidak dikenali kerana hujan lebat ketika melarikan diri dari tadika.
  20. Sekarang ini aku tidak suka mendengar lagu-lagu dari seberang.
  21. Aku mudah lupa.
  22. Aku tidak suka kucing.
  23. Aku pening kalau membaca di dalam kereta.
  24. Aku suka lihat wajah Miss Ika kerana ia menenangkan aku.
  25. Aku suka menyakat Miss Ika semasa dia merajuk. Pasti dia akan ketawa dan tidak dapat merajuk lagi.
  26. Aku seorang yang pasif dengan orang yang tak dikenali.
  27. Aku tidak suka tengok perempuan yang tak reti make-up tapi nak make-up jugak. Jadilah mereka macam badut.
  28. Aku suka minum milo ais. Nikmat.....
  29. Miss Ika ialah cinta pertama aku. Terima kasih kerana menerima saya yang tiada apa-apa ini.
  30. Aku sentiasa rindu pada Miss Ika, lebih-lebih lagi pada masa sekarang.

tagged by Miss Ika. thanks for tagging !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

pembuka tirai sesi 2010/2011

dear mr boyfriend soon to be soulmate,

i've been meaning to write this to you, this post have been drafted for 4 days now, sorry for the slow update. life's been good, i couldn't ask for more. i guess it has been a bit out of my expectation. meeting pm ashraf has put an ease on my headache, i hope the psm will turn out fine. the loan's problem is being settle, i still need to get few signatures. a staff told me that's the problem with the system, they never update! i figured he was right, PTPTN still owe me a semester of contract, at least. i hope they get the numbers right, i dont want to pay more than what im getting. however, im short on cash, i've been using my psp money (again.). century bila agaknya dapat beli psp ni?

my roomies and i are getting along. thank god all of them are my age. i have no freaking idea how to mix around with juniors. you know how i get with my sisters, im like the youngest though im the oldest! anyways, eip dayah and jena are going to further masters here! december intake! how exciting is that? diorang cakap, "alaaa, nanti ika habis kitorang kene tinggal pulak". haha.

oh! and just the another night, i was chatting with ibu. imagine that! ibu dah pandai chatting! kat facebook haha, lepas tu dia tanya macam mana nak tukar profile photo. haha! and she's been changing photo every five minutes since then. ibu cakap nanti nak belanja makan sebab tolong angkat barang. eleh padahal angkat tiga kotak je, yang lain ika yang buat. huh.

im thinking of furthering my studies too. i got intrigued of the idea that you're going to do your masters. i've talked this over with ibu and she told me to look around for scholarships first instead of loans, and ayah was okay with it too, he kept telling me the pre-requisite to be a lecturer. how much cgpa is needed, the skills, yadaa, yadaa. im still not liking the idea to teach, didn't he realised that? haha.

and the best thing is, ira was listed for NS! poor girl! the very first in the family to get listed. she called the other day to tell me. we all had a big laugh. (im sure you are laughing too when you are reading this.) im gonna grab something to eat, writing requires a lot of energy! bye!

missing you oppa!

p/s: wishin' and hopin'; ani difranco. listen to that!

p/p/s: enclosed is a picture of my friends and i after concurrent class.

Friday, July 2, 2010

life's unpredictable

sometimes when your hopes are high, life gets you down,
sometimes when you wanted something so much, you're just not meant to have it.
sometimes when you wish you were happier, and it didn't happen.

dont give up.
i believe He has prepared something else, something even better for me, for us. InsyaAllah.

hope some more. it keeps you going.