Thursday, April 23, 2015

back in business

It's not easy making the decision I've made a year ago. Letting go of my career, to raise my baby. To let go chunks of money at the end of the month. Resisting the urge to buy things, since i dont own a lot of money anymore. And most of all, letting go of my lifetime plan, my dreams.

Dont be so dramatic here, having a family and a baby of my own is one of the dream. Pfft. You know those other duniawi dreams they called, the IR, the Dr. Yang tak boleh bawak mati punya dreams. Haha.

But who am i to complain? I get to watch my baby grow up, give him his bath, tickle him, give him best, warm food, watch him reached his milestones, and best of all, i get to breastfeed him. Yerp, he gets it ALL FRESH FROM THE SOURCE. Haha.

This is my decision. I do get asked multiple times 'buat ape je tak keje ni?'. I just gave them a grin. You have no idea how occupied your time is when you are raising your baby on your own. Literally have to hold your pee. No kidding. I have less sleep then i did when i was working.

My cousin of 6 children (yes, 6) dropped her career as well when she had her baby. She told me that baby is a rezq from Allah swt. Just have faith, rezq will follow to those who are patient. She also told me the story of the owner of the fabolous mom, a franchise business all over malaysia? She quit her job too when she had her baby, and later she went around for interviews while carrying her baby. There are currently no jobs in malaysia that allows moms to bring their babies to work, so she decided to stop looking, hence you may now see baby store "fabolous mom" everywhere you go.

Simple. She's a human being, so am i. If she can do it, so can i. I have decided to raise my kid(s). And i will do it! May Allah swt ease my journey!

So lets start small. I started by joining #projekSTG. It's an online business, perfect! I got to do my 'job' while looking after my baby!

If you want to know more or interested to help your family or just want a second income, whatsapp me, 0197772600. It's really easy and won't disturb your primary job. We will guide you. 😘

Kudos to all mommies, working or not, you are superheroes!

Friday, April 3, 2015

power pumping

cause that's what supermoms do.