Sunday, November 18, 2012


hello and assalamualaikum!

i guess now the wedding heat is on! and we haven't prepare anything.. yet. bluerghh.

when I'm at work, I have these tonnes of ideas to type down on our blog. But I always got home late, so I just took a shower and head to bed. And sometimes staring at my laptop screen can also makes me sleepy except for youtube. haha.

Anyways, I was down with a baaaad fever last week, started on tuesday and vomitted on wed and has bloody runny nose on thurs, so i dragged myself to a clinic scared that i might collapsed at home alone and all the doctor can say was "eh, fever je". thank god u were good looking. hehe.

the working week was not even ok as well, I was in tense and had no one to talk to at home, so i decided to come to KL. Amazing thing was, my fever gone as I saw my fiancee. Kapooff! Alhamdulillah, my future husband is A HEALER! ok over. Ok maybe it was gone because my sweet, sweet fiance decided to buy us girls dinner! yay! free food!

muke masam fiance kene belanja + us girls (his baby sisters and ira)

oh and happy belated birthday to my future baby SIL. cewah. this treat was for her actually. hehe. indulge in more piccas below. wehooo.

 baby sis ira, with fadhilah the birthday girl and lil fazlin

p/s: oh, and i still owe my engagement post right. lemme gather my mood first becuase it is a loooong story. :)