Wednesday, February 9, 2011

happy birthday to you!

dear my other half,


here are virtual cakes for you.

i know! my fav! haha

love, for almost 3 years that we are together, there has not been a moment i regret. i appreciate you more now. i appreciate your patience on my moodswings, my weird cravings and my impulsive actions. i truly believe that no one can 'layan' me like you do. *tears* sob. sob.

you have also teached me to be relaxed, take things slowly and indulge in the moment. nothing good comes in rushing, so you told. you teached me how to distract bad aura and made me focus on my study. you took away my panic, and my insanity. i am now sane. haha.

i love you for who you are and for who i am when im with you. me. the-sloppy-clumsy-sweaty-smelly-fat-ugly-crazy-dahlabanyaksalahcakap-but tough-and berani me. only you are crazy enough to want to spend your lifetime with me. haha.

love, on his 23rd birthday last year.

currently boyfriend is not feeling well due to a bad headache. doctor said he is under stress and a slight increase in blood pressure. dont worry, he already made the promise to quit smoking. hee. but it has already been two days now, and poor love still has not recover yet. he's going to take another leave tomorrow and go for another check up at the hospital to find out what's wrong. please pray for his quick recovery. *im worried sick i tell you!*

"agaknya stress sebab nak beli handphone baru kot. haha". he jokingly told me the other day.

i know you wanted a new phone so bad, and the one you have now is getting on my nerve! cakap pun tak dengar, call pun tak dengar. sorry i couldn't buy it as your birthday prezzie. but i promise i will work hard so that i will have enough for whatever you want next year. boleh?

i wuv wuuuu. xoxo.
*sedihnya macam nak nangis. haha*

Monday, February 7, 2011

girl's anthem.

earcandy: pretty girl rock; keri hilson.

*lagu penaik semangat!*

right now im wet by my own sweat. *eww*. bau besi dan coolant dari lab turning. im sooo dont feel pretty at all. cermin mata dah dekat 6 tahun pakai. dah senget sikit. urgh, lagi 'comel' dari ugly betty nampaknya. dengan lemak- lemak yang baru diternak ni. so dont hate me coz i'm 'beautiful'.

im paying an old debt post on who is the most beautiful thru your eyes be it your friend, mom, or teacher and why is she beautiful, "Mari Kita Cantik, Gembira dan Bahagia bersama" tagged by cik Balqis kita ni haaa. haha. actually its a contest where faceshop goodies were up for grab but it ended already. oops. (me and my time management. pfft). whatever, im posting it anyway for the fun of it.

ai kenot think of one specific person that's beautiful thru my eyes because there's too many! all my girls are pretty! *their boyfriends/husbands are nodding at the back*. therefore, im going to list the reasons why they are all pretty/beautiful. this is all to you girls out there. cewaah.

  1. the brains. top quality. girls with brains are problem solver, fighter and bold. like spartans likedat. (spartans arent smart?!)
  2. independent. there's nothing sexier than a girl that's independent. pay bills, change car tyres, change the light bulb. seriously, guys are already feeling insecure.
  3. pretty faces. is a bonus. flawless skin, straight pearly teeth, curvy figure. *cant help staring at ya*
  4. one of a kind. different, unique. not easily influenced. she has her own opinion and own way of doing things.
  5. creative. novelist, painter, poet, singer, blogger. able to express herself creatively other than membebel like women always do.
  6. by what she does. i always go wow on pretty and young doctors, lawyers entrepreneurs, young achievers. not only pretty but they have achieved so much.
  7. able to bring herself anywhere. she gets comfortable pretty much everywhere and with everyone. but in modesty.
  8. career women but also can cook! need i describe this? *i want to be you some day*
  9. out-of-nowhere-girl. gadis yang diam- diam ubi berisi. tup- tup buat novel, buat album. kinda like, buat dulu baru bising la. sekarang ni banyak yang duk bising je tapi tak buat hehe.
  10. none judgemental, gossip-free girl. when you talk bad, your appearance go bad also.
  11. the i-dont-care-what-the-world-say girl. not afraid to try, to be herself, to do what she wants to despite of what people would say.

okay. that's the 11 values i value (huh?) in a girl. or woman. thanks for tagging eip! hutang langsai!

p/s: period pain and moodswing and penat tapi buat- buat tak penat dan ceria = gila.

spesimen perempuan cantik (bluerghhh! *cantik celah mana?*) yang gangsterisme.


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Lama aku tak update blog ni. Nak ulas pasal isu semasa pun bukan satu benda yang aku minat. Jadilah blog ni penuh dengan update dari Miss Ika je. Maaf ya.

Hari ahad lepas, aku format pc. Dh macam uzur je pc aku ni. Asyik tertidur sendiri je. Nak kene ketuk-ketuk sikit baru la sedar balik. Nasib baik la sedar balik, kalau tak memang mati kutu la aku. Nak on fb, main pes semua tak boleh.

Aku installed window 7 ultimate pada pc aku. First time install window selain dari XP kt pc ni. Nasib baik pc aku ni support window ni. Agak jakun juga la masa lepas install W7. Terkena kejutan budaya window sikit diri aku ni. Haha.

Memandangkan pc ni pun dah uzur sikit, aku rasa macam nak beli pc baru. Tunggu gaji 2-3 bulan baru pi lowyat survey. Memang kali ni aku upgrade baik punya! Aku nak main game yang masyuk-masyuk. Selama ni asyik kempunan je tengok orang lain main game best2. Takpa2, tunggu turn aku lepas ni. Nantikan. . .