Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 end of year summary

i guess now it's time for another year end summary. instead of making it brief like last year, im going to stuff you guys with overload joy and challenges i manage to overcome this year. i think i have changed drastically in what i am this year. some might see the changes, some might not. the obvious part, i got fat. and no. it's not because of the long distance relationship. its just the part of me that appreciate food. bf so like this part of me, he doesnt have to beg and lure me to eat. i guess he's just happy to be with a girl with big appetite. haha. ok here's the chronology of 2010.

  1. i threw a surprise birthday party for boyfriend. yup some of you might notice that. boyfriend had smile on his face the whole week! read here.
  2. ayah gave (lend) me ahmad. my car. for now. and i love him to bits.
  3. cousins and aunts threw me a birthday party on the weekend when i got home. it was the cutest cake ever! with pop-up pink letters, haha.
  4. i stopped shopping (wasting) for six months. pocket money agak banyak tuk sem seterusnya. and started handling things on my own.
  5. had an awesome pre-grad dinner with former classmates. *tears*
  6. we, the family moved to the big city. no not new york, just kl. im digging in, much more stuff to do, plus more time with relatives.
  7. my ortho check ups at hospital ended early this year. i guess that's why i got fat. i thought i got healthy so i stopped training. i should really get back on that.
  8. i miss a lot on friends at jb this year with all the moving and stuff.
  9. my primary school bestfriend, sajidah got married!
  10. boyfriend graduated. met the family. ever since that, more meet ups. :)
  11. boyfriend got involved in my side of the family as well. we are in the comfortable zone as for now. maybe that's another reason why i got fat.
  12. my team's boat gaijins won first place in mechanical design week. :)
  13. the raya convoy was off the hook! classmate really took it seriously as we might not be seeing each of us much next year. my first time driving in the convoy.
  14. i got involve with uni's program as much as i could. making memories you know. and whole lot of friends.
  15. i got a new baby cousin, and it's a boy.
  16. my kakak, kak bai got hitched! :)
  17. nenek renovated the house in kampung, we tested out the new oven by baking cakes. yummy!
  18. i am finally in my final year. and it was a tough road getting here. i hope i'll manage to cope with this last round.

lets make plan and make 2011 better than 2010!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

december report.

event represented by photos.

1. went up to genting only for gondola rides. thank you mr faisal for the company. :)

2. then went to klims10. ayah was an exhibitor for suria kar II. free entrance! normal price RM20.

3. went up to genting again to watch harry potter and the deathly hallows. how often do you get the chance to watch a movie with all the mist and fog outside?

4. went to rantai 10' and few art shows in balai seni lukis negara. owned the shirt!

5. nenek bardot surprise party. a great way to end the holidays by seeing cousins and relatives.

and cherry on top; a DL. Alhamdulillah.

3 weeks packed! i am fulfilled. hmm.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

hey ho!

its not really a hectic week, but um here's what happened in this few days, i was not able to online, sebab asyik menumpang rumah nenek la, rumah acik, rumah paksu..

-me and my sisters went to klims. suria kar was exhibited there. so entrance free! ayah je la, pasai dia exhibitor. disappointed pasal no bmw this year. concept cars pun tak banyak, more to sales je. haihh. tak mencapai objektif.
-went up to genting for the millionth time. bosan dah, atas cable car pun tidur.
- year end sale! but no money.
- psm masih belum start. but thank you pm ashraf for the A. :) i will work my butt off for the part 2.
- i have conquered jalan genting! yarghh. saya sudah ada guts untuk drive back and forth to genting on my own. (tau. lembab.)
- nenek renovate her house. nenek dah tak sabar nak tgk cucu dia kawen. gulp!
- chef for a week! ibu outstation at kedah. asal masak, habis, masak habis. sukenyee!
- bawa ahmad for servicing. rasa sangat matang sudah boleh sign2 papers macam ada fixed monthly income. hehe.

ok toodles.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Idle. Itu sahaja yang aku boleh buat sekarang. Menanti dengan harapan suatu yang tak kunjung tiba. Akhirnya aku dikecewakan dengan harapan tersebut. Tak apa lah, ini semua dugaan bak kata abah tadi. Perjuangan mesti diteruskan.

Teruskan hidup macam biasa. Selitkan unsur-unsur kerohanian dalam aktiviti harian. Tidak lupa juga makan, bersukan, tengok tv, surfing, dll.

Selamat berjaya aku ucapkan kepada diri sendiri. Mungkin rezeki aku dalam bidang lain pula kot.

Yang baik itu datang dari Allah, dan yang buruk itu datang dari kelemahan diri ini.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


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