Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I'm on vacation!

Well not really. Not working so i dont have holidays. Haha. I tagged along with ibu to PD! I have the room all to myself. Yay! I can be lazy! Haha. Check below out. Two beds, one for ibu, one for me. Hihi. But I'm missing my hubby already.. :-(

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

week 37

adik pesan "tengah tak buat ape tu, blog la everyday. you no longer blog now." oh how i wish i have that kind of determination; blogging everyday. i'm just not attached to my gadgets anymore, not even my phone. kekadang battery habis pun buat tak tahu je. bila husband call tak dapat, baru la cari charger. i'm just attached to my pillow. haha.

not only that, after how many months i'm married? and about to give birth within this month? baru nak tengok gambar-gambar kahwin. haha. kesian kan? anyway, my baby is around 37 weeks today. and tomorrow until friday, i'm going to PD! follow ibu ade kursus (with husband's permission of course)

and i was thinking of getting another 4D image of baby F before i deliver. yay or nay?

anyway here are photos of us from our wedding, like bila lagi nak tunjuk kan? lepas ni penuh gambar baby je. haha. indulge!